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Taliban future after the death of their leaders: Opinion

Mullah-Mansoor-killed-in-PakistanAfter the death of Taliban leaders, Pakistanis have to hear such statements.

‘The slain leader is a martyr’.

‘Even if a dog, fighting against USA, is killed will be considered martyr’.

‘This operation was conducted after Pakistan’s approval’.

‘USA should respect sovereignty of Pakistan’.

‘After DNA report we can assert anything’.

‘Taliban chose their new leader’.

Following are the few statements that Pakistanis never heard…

‘Where is the dead body of the killed Taliban leader?’

‘Who took the dead body from the place of the drone attack?’

‘From which airbase the American drone flew?’

‘Where were the Pakistani Shaheens at that time?’

‘What is the definition of Pakistan’s sovereignty?’

Mullah Masoor is lucky in the sense that after his death the game of martyrdom was not played by the political parties of Pakistan. Very few Pakistanis might know it that this game is not played over the death of Afghan Taliban instead of the fact that they are fighting against USA. This type of politics is only carried out when a Talib leader having original Pakistani passport is killed.

After every drone attack one thing is sure that no body mourns the death of Taliban leader. Neither Pakistanis nor the foreigners wonder that how a Taliban leader was found in the premises of Pakistan.   Pakistan mourns over its sovereignty for few days only. Taliban too choose their new leader and forget the former one. Sometimes few suicide attacks are carried out to show their anger.

Nobody celebrates the death anniversary of Taliban leaders. Its possible reason is that then these ceremonies will have to be kept continued for the whole year. Secondly whose anniversary should be celebrated? The one who was killed or the one who faced a natural death? The issue of nationality will also arise; if Afghans are not interested in the death anniversaries then how Pakistanis can come forward.

This is also not clear to Pakistanis that if this war is not ours then why Taliban leaders are killed on the soil of Pakistan and if it is our war which we are fighting with the help of USA then why we mourn over our sovereignty.

The fact is that politics over the issue of Talibanization is over. Perhaps that is why religious parties are searching for new issues.  The era of Islamization is also over. The era of Pakistan-India hatred is no more liked by the people of Pakistan.  The issue of Indian spy was soon ignored. To arouse the feelings of general masses on the issue of religious matters is still not solved but that is not an aspect which is much needed for democratic or parliamentary politics.

The issue is that Taliban are pitiable in the sense that they are used time and again. Nobody cared for their future. In Palestine Hamas opted for politics. A similar scenario is there in Kashmir. But the militants of Pakistan and Afghanistan do not wish to analyze that they could not achieved their goals by terror. They don’t know the importance of political struggle. They must keep this  fact in mind that either their role will be erased from the new Farman Nawazscript or otherwise they will have to act like puppets.

Writer: Farman Nawaz

The writer hails from Bannu, he can be contacted at




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