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Taliban confirm delegation visiting Pakistan to discuss issues of mutual interest

Taliban-confirm-delegation-visit-to-PakistanThe Afghan Taliban group has confirmed that a delegation consisting high level representatives of the group is currently visiting Pakistan to discuss the issues of mutual interest.

A spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar Mohammad Naeem told “The esteemed leader of Islamic Emirate (the Taliban) has instructed the delegation to discuss issues regarding Afghan refugees, some recent problems related to (Afghan) border provinces of Helmand, Nangarhar and Paktia.”

Naeem further added that the negotiators will particularly discuss with Pakistani authorities the release of Mullah Bradar and some other prisoners.

He did not confirm the delegation will hold talks on reconciliation process with the Afghan government but the diplomatic sources have said the delegation is on a mission for “exploratory discussions” as part of Islamabad’s efforts to facilitate peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

This comes as President Ghani said Monday Afghanistan will no more seek Pakistan’s support to help bring the Taliban group to negotiations table.

Ghani made the remarks following a deadly attack in capital Kabul last week which left at least 64 people dead and 347 others wounded, an attack the Taliban group claimed responsibility for but the Afghan officials are doubt the Haqqani network planned and executed the attack using their sanctuaries in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, President Ghani called on Pakistan to take actions against the Afghan militant groups sanctuaries based in Peshawar and Quetta, warning that Afghanistan will refer the issue to UN security council if the Pakistani government failed to do so.

President Ghani also ordered the Afghan security forces to use all force to target the militants, emphasizing that the government did what it could to bring the group to negotiations table. -KP


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