Taliban chief says US should adopt diplomatic means to resolve the issues

Mawlavi-AkhundzadaKABUL: The leader of the Taliban group Mawlavi Haibatullah Akhundzada has recommended to the Americans to adopt diplomatic approach to resolve the issue in Afghanistan.

In his message released ahead of the Eid-ul-Fitr, Mawlavi Akhundzada said “By accepting the legitimate demands of the Afghan Mujahid people, the Americans themselves should resolve the issue through diplomatic means instead of confrontation with the Jihadic resistance.”

Terming the presence of the foreign forces in Afghanistan as ‘occupation’, the Taliban supreme leader said “The occupation is the main obstacle in the way of peace. The solution of the Afghan issue through peaceful means is part and parcel of the policy of the Islamic Emirate, should the occupation come to an end. The Political Office has been given the task to find a peaceful solution.”

This comes as the group has repeatedly rejected to participate in peace talks, demanding the full withdrawal of the foreign forces from the country as one of its main conditions for the peace talks.

The group also announced its spring offensive in April this year despite the repeated calls by the government and international community to participate in peace talks.

Taliban continues to its relentless attacks across the country as the group is accused of causing the majority of the civilian casualties.

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