Taliban can’t win on the battlefield, can gain much on negotiation table: Stoltenberg

Jens-Stoltenberg-on-Russian-jet-downed-665x443-665x443The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Jens Stoltenberg said the Taliban group cannot win on the battlefield.

Speaking during a press conference with US Defense Secretary James Mattis and President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the Secretary General said there is much the group can gain around the negotiating table.

Stoltenberg further added that the alliance does not quit when the going gets tough as he insisted that NATO keep promises.

The NATO Secretary General in the meantime said continued efforts are needed towards a lasting and inclusive political solution.

In other parts of his speech, Stoltenberg said the Afghan security forces have come a very long way as he reaffirmed the alliance’s continued support through advise, assist, and train mission.

He also welcomed the pledge by the NATO member countries for the contribution of more troops and said around 13,000 troops from 39 nations are currently serving with the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission.

The NATO Secretary General also welcomed the condition-based approach to the situation in Afghanistan as pledged by the US President and insisted that the alliance counts on the Afghan government to make good on its commitments on key reforms.

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