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Taleemi Dhanra demanded legislation on Article 25A and eradicating of hatred Material


Peshawar: Taleemi Dharna (Educational Sit-in) which was raised in the wake of attack on APS Peshawar commemorated their second anniversary here in Peshawar. Students, civil society and Political leaders attended the dharna and endorsed their demands which focuses education reforms and elimination of terrorism particularly.

On this occasion Taimur Kamal team member of Taleemi Dharna said, “In 2014 we staged six consecutive day and night sit-in and was concluded on KP govt’s assurance that they would make new schools on the name of martyrs but deceived us just by renaming existing schools.

The speakers at dharna emphasis the government to take education seriously and ensure citizen rights legally.

Taking to the Media, Shafeeq Gigyani team member of Taleemi Dharna said, “All provinces have legislated on Article 25A which emphasis free education from age five to sixteen but Khyber Pakhtunkhwa still lack of that law and policy. We demand a proper law in which should be made with the consultation of all concern stakeholders.

Participants also suggested reforms in curriculum

On this occasion Mushtaq Durrani core committee member said that our textbook are full of hatred and violence materials, the government should develop and for a pluralistic and diversity friendly curriculum.

Sulaiman Yousafzai demanded the reconstruction of the FATA’s demolished schools by militants and the construction of new schools as well to facilitate to the citizen for accessible and easy education

Ibrahim Aiengar suggested board examination of class fifth, He added that this addition would helps to evaluate teachers’ credibility.

Fawad Pirzada suggested that government should take serious concern toward Education Emergency instead of Military Emergency.

Niazbeen Malang said that our schools are centers of businesses and looting the citizen with clean hand, Government should pressurize education institute to decrease their fees 50%.

Dr. Said Alam, Rashanda Naz, Nazra Syed, Nazeef Lala, Naheed ur Rehaman, Shahab Khattak, Sohaib Kakakhel, Shoukat Aziz Shagafta Malik, Farzana and Qamar Naseem also show their solidarity with APS Martyr and fully endorse the dharna’s demands.


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