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Gulab Mangal, Minister for Borders and Tribal Affairs of Afghanistan, says Afghanistan is the home of all Pashtuns

د افغانستان د سرحدونو او قبايلو چارو وزير ښاغلې ګلاب منګل صیب’دې پښتون ټایٔمز’ سره په ځانګړې مرکه کې وايي افغانستان د ټولو پښتنو ګډ کور دی In an exclusive interview with THE PASHTUN TIMES, Mr. Gulab Mangal, Minister for ...

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Challenges to the State

Since its inception; Pakistan is on wobbly ground. The heebie-jeebies state is multifactorial. Some goes back to its genesis followed by political, economic, ethnic, sectarian and social convolutions. It is pointless to go into the genesis but one fails to ...

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