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From trending to trendy: Pakistani #ChaiWala gets a makeover

If you thought that the trending #ChaiWala was a one-time wonder, you were wrong. Looks like Arshad Khan, the 18-year-old tea seller from Islamabad, is becoming more famous by the day. Khan unknowingly became an overnight social media celebrity after an image of him posted by Pakistani photographer Jiah Ali on her Instagram account went viral. The photo attracted over ...

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Pakhtuns after 9/11: Challenges and Lessons

The war on terror and its severe consequences have one silver lining for Pakhtuns and that is the growing realization. The month of September is a grim reminder of the fateful day when some zealots’ struck at the US. The calamity that befell the US took the lives of some 3000 people, the US hit back with extra ordinary measures, ...

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We will respect Pashtuns’ decision on Pashtunistan: Karzai

KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai said that if Pashtuns from Pakhtunkhwa decide to Pashtunistan, he would respect their decision. In an interview with The Pashtun Times, the ex-president said that in the Durand Line Agreement, the Durand Line was not called a border. “It was not called a border but the term sphere of influence was used. It means sphere ...

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