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Syrian migrants who named child Angela Merkel have asylum application rejected

angela-merkel-al-hamzaThe authorities in Germany have rejected the asylum application of a Syrian family who named their newborn baby girl Angela Merkl in honour of the country’s chancellor for her open door policy, it has been reported. (Photo WEB.DE)

The couple, Mamon Al-Hamza and Tema Al-Hamza, arrived in Germany last year and their daughter was born in December last year.

In a bid to show gratitude to Merkel and her open door policy, the couple decided to name their newborn baby girl Angela Merkel Al-Hamza.

However, the German authorities have reportedly sent a letter to them to inform regarding the status of their asylum application which the family say has been rejected.

Living in the city of Moenchengladbach, Mr. Al-Hamza has admitted that ‘The letter has given me great fear.’

As the family will eventually be asked to leave the country, they have reportedly received so-called ‘subsidiary protection’ which will allow them to stay in Germany temporarily.

The protection will allow the family from deportation which may apply to asylum seekers who be at risk of serious harm as per the EU law.

According to the officials in Germany’s Federal Office for Migration, the family was not allowed asylum as they had travelled through a safe third country on their way to Syria.

The rejection by the authorities means that the family will eventually be sent back to Turkey unless they unless they secure a long term stay by securing a job and enough knowledge of German language during their temporary stay. -KP


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