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Surrendered Taliban leader speaks of foreign intelligence role in Afghan violence

Taliban-leader-joins-peaceKABUL: A Taliban leader who has just joined the peace process with his fighters in eastern Nangarhar province has unveiled the role of the foreign intelligence in the ongoing violence in the country.

The Taliban leader, Amir Khan famous as Zangal Pacha, joined peace process together with his six fighters.

He said the foreign intelligence agencies were motivating them to take part in the conflict as they were brainwashed that Afghanistan has been occupied by the ‘Pagans’.

Pacha further added that they were receiving specific instructions from the intelligence agencies to carry out target killings of tribal elders besides carrying out attacks on public welfare projects including schools.

He did not specifically name any foreign intelligence agency involved in sparking violence in the country but the Afghan officials have long been blaming the Inter Services Intelligence for the violence in the country.

The Afghan officials have long been emphasizing that the leadership councils of the Taliban and Haqqani terrorist network are based in the key cities of Pakistan, including Peshawar and Quetta, from where they plan and carry out deadly attacks inside Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan, in particular, continued to experience aggressive and coordinated attacks by the Afghan Taliban, including the affiliated Haqqani Network (HQN) and other insurgent and terrorist groups,” the US State Department said in a report last month.

The Department of State also added that a number of these attacks were planned and launched from safe havens in Pakistan. -KP

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