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Suicide bomber killed at least 32 civilians in Kabul

kabul-attack-on-shiite-mosque-615x3002xKABUL: A suicide bomber detonated his explosive laden vest inside a Shiite Mosque in Kabul city in which at least 32 people killed and more than 50 injured officials said.

The attacker targeted a Shiite Mosque, known as Baqir-ul-Uloom, in Police District 6th in western parts of Kabul city at around 12:10pm, Kabul Police Spokesman, Basir Mujahid said.

“A ceremony of people was under way inside the mosque when a suicide bomber targeted the participants in the mosque by detonation of his explosives, he had under his cloths in which 32 civilians killed and more than 50 injured” Mujahid said.

Health officials said they were still receiving casualties from the deadly attack in several hospitals in the city.

No group still claimed the responsibility for the attack, but Shiite people were mostly targeted by the Daesh group in the country in recent two years.

Karzai condemns Kabul mosque attack

Former President Hamid Karzai on Monday condemned in the strongest possible terms the terrorist attack on the worshippers in the Baqer-ul-Uloom Mosque in Kabul that killed and wounded a number of innocent people.

He termed the unforgivable and inhumane act the work of the enemies of Afghanistan. “It is an act contrary to all principles and values of the Islamic teachings and also far from humanity.”

“The enemies of Afghanistan should understand that all Afghans would stand together against the conspiracies of the enemy of the country, and struggle for having a united Afghanistan with determination and strong will,” Karzai was quoted by a statement as saying.

“No evil conspiracies of the enemies of this soil can hurt the unity and the brotherhood of proud Afghanistan.”

Karzai offered his deepest condolence to the families of the victims, wishing paradise for the martyrs and rapid recovery to the wounded.

NATO, UNAMA condemn Kabul bombing as death toll rises to 32

The NATO-led Resolute Support (RS) and United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UAMA) condemned the deadly mosque bombing in Kabul as the death toll from the attack has climbed at least 32.

“On behalf of the men and women of Resolute Support, we offer our condolences to the families of the innocent men, women and children killed and wounded in today’s attack. We will continue to stand with our Afghan partners and do everything possible to secure a peaceful, stable Afghanistan,” the top US commander in Afghanistan and commander of the Resolute Support (RS) mission, Gen. John Nicholson said.

The UN mission in Afghanistan in a statement said it ondemns today’s attack at the Baqer-ul Ulom mosque in Kabul that killed at least 32 civilians and injured more than 50 others, many of them children.

The statement further added that a suicide attacker detonated his body-borne improvised explosive device at the mosque killing and maiming worshipers from the country’s Shia Muslim community.

The attacker deliberately targeted a group of civilians at the mosque, which had a particularly large congregation as worshippers gathered to observe Arbaeen, a commemoration on the 40th day after Ashura.

“This appalling attack on worshippers is an atrocity,” said Pernille Kardel, the Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan. “UNAMA expresses its revulsion at this latest effort by extremists to stoke sectarian violence in Afghanistan,” said Kardel, who is also the acting head of UNAMA. “Religious and ethnic tolerance are values the Afghan people hold strong, and I urge the Afghan authorities to do everything possible to defend Afghans of all faiths.”

UNAMA said international humanitarian law prohibits deliberate attacks against civilians and civilian property, including places of worship. International humanitarian law further prohibits attacks directed against people and places of worship, which constitute the cultural or spiritual heritage of peoples.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for today’s incident. It follows two similar attacks last month against Shia Muslim congregations during Ashura that claimed at least 29 civilian lives. Daesh, or Islamic State, issued an online statement claiming responsibility for one of those attacks. The same group claimed responsibility for a 23 July attack on demonstrators in Kabul that killed 85 civilians and injured more than 400 others, nearly all members of the country’s Shia Muslim community, in what was the deadliest single incident recorded by the UN in Afghanistan since 2001.  

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