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Students from Kabul University and Civil Society Members Show Solidarity with Bacha Khan University


KABUL: Today Kabul University student and civil society member come out and show solidarity with the Bacha Khan University victims. They were protesting the massacre and condemn the attack with strong words. Today evening, the students, teachers, journalists and civil society members gathered in front of Kabul University gate and hold the candlelight vigil in the memory of BKU victims. On January 20, 2016 morning the Bacha Khan University Charsadda Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, came under attack, in which 21 people have been killed and more than fifty got severe injuries.

The participants were holding the placards and chanted slogans against the carnage. The placards were quoted that “Bacha Khan is the only symbol of peace in the region”…… “I am Hamid Hussain”……….. “Punjab based ideological terrorist outfits must be eliminated” and “There are no good and bad Taliban”. kabul2

One of the civil society member Norullah Nawai told to the Afghan Tribune that “I feel deep sorrow for the victims. It is really shocking for us. We must come out against this barbaric act and condemn it. We proud on Bacha Khan Philosophy of non-violence. The Pashto department of Kabul University student Amin Pacha also said that “Bacha Khan is the real hero of our history. The Attack on Bacha Khan University is an attack on Afghan history and culture. The law enforcement agencies must bring the culprit to justice”. Another student of Kabul University Khyber also stated that “If you want to make a nation subservient, first of all deprived them from education. These religious proxies are advancing our enemy agenda to destroy our educational institutions”. Journalist Zafar Karimi also share his view about the BKU attack. He said that “It is very unfortunate that since more than three decades of war still we are chasing peace. They war has utterly proved disastrous for the Afghans. Every aspect of our life has seriously effected from war. Now these militants are targeting our educational institutions in order to keep Pashtun further backwards and ignorant. Every conscious Afghan must condemn the attack on BKU”.

The writer and civil society activist Abaseen Baryaal also said that “terrorism cannot flourished in an educated and enlighten society therefore these brainwashed religious proxies carried out attack against modern education. This is not the work of a few ordinary persons to commit such a heinous act but behind of this attack there seems very powerful hands. Now Afghans know very well that who did this job. Certainly the so called “land of pure “Pakistan’s state sponsored terrorist carry out the task. Now Pakistan under constructed theme blame that the attack were prearranged in Afghanistan because they want to create gap among Pashtuns. But in a very meticulous way the Pashtun responded to this crafted narrative and directly put the finger on the man in Khaki (Pakistan Army)”.


The progressive youth circle coordinator of Kabul University Rohullah Ahmadzai read communique in front of press. He said that “we strongly condemn the inhuman and monstrous act of terrorism against Bacha Khan University. We demand from Pakistani authority to stop sponsoring terrorism and fundamentalism in Afghan soil. We appeal from international community, UN, Human Rights and others rights organization to force Pakistan to eliminate terrorist sanctuaries on their soil. We also demand from Pakistan to bring the perpetrator to justice. The truth will be ultimately revealed and the dark forces will be ultimately defeated. We stand with the promotion of modern education, progress and democratic values”.

Courtesy: Afghan Tribune:  Reported by Sher Jan.


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