Stop Pashtuns’ Genocide in Pakistan: Pashtun expats in the US condemn Naqeebullah’s extra judicial killing

pHILIDELPHIA PROTESTPHILADELPHIA: Pashtun expats from Swat, Waziristan and Peshawar in the United States held a protest demonstration on Sunday and condemned the brutal and extra-judicial killing of Naseemullah Khan aka Naqeeb Mehsud.

The protesters called on the central government and supreme court should constitute a probe committee as the investigation team formed by the Sindh provincial government doesn’t seem willing it will deliver justice.

The protesters were holding posters and placards with slogans: “Stop the genocide of Pashtuns in Pakistan. No more racism. Stop destroying Pashtun nation. Justice for Naqeeb.” Wasim Akbar, a Pashtunistan Freedom Movement activist who basically hails from from Swat, a tourist resort in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which witnessed a ruthless and bloody reign of terror unleashed by the Taliban, said that Pashtuns are under attack from all sides. Talking to The Pashtun Times he said that Pashtuns need a greater awareness about their basic human rights including political rights. He said that Pashtuns have no other choice and option but to stand under one umbrella so that no Pashtun becomes another Naqeebullah. He added that his ruthless murder at the hands of Karachi police SSP Rao Anwar is the ruthless murder of safety to Pashtuns and this incident has exposed how much the Pashtuns are exposed to threats and insecurity under the current political set up in Pakistan. He said that millions of Pashtuns from Waziristan, Swat, and Khyber Agency were made homeless and turned into internally displaced whereas majority of them started living in camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) whereas thousands others went to other parts of Pakistan. “However Punjab and Sindh provinces opposed entry of IDPs into these provinces which exposed the malady in the body politics of Pakistan’s federation,” he lamented. The protest was held in City Hall Philadelphia.


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