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Stable and developed Afghanistan not a threat to other nations: President Ghani

Ashraf-Ghani-1KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said a stable and developed Afghanistan will not be a threat to the other nations.

President Ghani made the remarks during a ceremony to mark the first national day of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.

He said those thinking to turn Afghanistan into their battleground will only take their dreams with them to grave, apparently gesturing towards those attempting to expand their proxy war in the country.

President Ghani particularly pointed towards the killing of Mullah Abdul Salam, the shadow governor of Taliban group for Kunduz who was killed in a counter-terrorism operation.

He said Mullah Salam was eliminated with his whole group and the group will no more pose threats to Kunduz and other northeastern parts of the country.

Hailing the nationwide support to Afghan forces in a one voice, President Ghani hoped that the 100th independence day of the country will be celebrated in the historic Dar-ul-Aman Palace which is under restoration by the government.

This is the first Afghanistan is celebrating the national day of the defense and security forces which comes as the Afghan forces are busy confronting devastating insurgency led by the Taliban group and other insurgent groups. -KP


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