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Speakers call for evolving Pakhtun cultural narrative


PESHAWAR: Speakers, at a study circle, have stressed the need for evolving a comprehensive Pakhtun cultural narrative to achieve national objectives.

The discussion was conducted under the auspices of Bacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation at the University Town here on Saturday.

The topic of the study circle was ‘basics of a successful national political movement’.

Delegates from Afghanistan, Balochistan, Fata and parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa attended the event. Young writers, poets, researchers, teachers and students also participated in the debate.

“Basics of successful political movement’ discussed at seminar”

The speakers said that it was essential for the youth to have knowledge of history, art and culture and to learn basics of a successful movement for securing national, social and political rights.

According to the participants, they had brought under discussion a book written on Hazrat Abu Bakr, then the selected poems of Khushal Khan Khattak, followed by a short story of former Afghan president Noor Mohammad Taraqai and a novel of Maxim Gorky titled ‘Mother’.

Bacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation director Prof Khadim Hussain chaired the function.

The speakers said that there was an intense need for evolving a Pakhtun cultural narrative towards a tolerant, moderate and peaceful society.

They discussed different aspects of a purposeful movement through non-violence and culture of debate.

Nadia Khan Burki, a resident of South Waziristan and student of Agriculture University, Peshawar, said that it was her first participation in such a gathering and noted that the study circle encouraged young women to share their views on different issues.

She said that Pakhtun women should be provided with such open forums to speak out.

Zahid Khan Akhtar, an Afghan student from Kunduz province, pointed out that such debates enabled Pakhtuns to strengthen social, political and cultural relations. Prof Khadim Hussain said on the occasion that the study circle had been launched five months ago in Peshawar to encourage youth to participate in open debates on different social, political, literary and cultural issues and to promote book culture.

He said that the objective of the study circle was to educate youth on national and international issues and to create a critical sense among them to understand the spirit of the age.

He said that a well-thought-out narrative, humanism, social participation, unity in diversity, sense of cultural identity, organisation and clarity of national objectives were a few basics for a successful political movement.

Payao Khan, a young participant from Balochistan, said that the study circle not only promoted mutual understanding among Pakhtuns living in different areas, but also contributed to their collective wisdom as a nation.

He said that open debates were important to broaden vision and root out extremism from the society-DAWN


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