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Some circles still resist law enforcement on them: Gulab Mangal

Gulab-MangalJALALABAD: The Nangarhar governor has said ‘there are still some volatile groups on whom enforcing the law by cent percent can create problems for the system.’

Mohammad Gulab Mangal told Pajhwok Afghan News during an exclusive interview that long-term efforts had been launched to control such factions, but stopped short of going into details.

The governor said efforts at ensuring security had recently been increased, but cited the lack of enough security personnel as a big factor behind the failure to completely ensure security.

“We defeated Daesh—thanks to the sacrifices and coordination among our security forces. The security forces have switched aggressive mode from defensive. But still the security isn’t ensured hundred percent.”

Mangal acknowledged the presence of irresponsible armed men in Jalalabad city, the provincial capital, had concerned people. He said carrying guns by irresponsible individuals was banned in the city and the issue would be resolved in a long process.

He also admitted the existence of some circles on whom law implementation could create trouble for the system. “Unfortunately besides other parts of the country, in Nangarhar too there are some groups on whom enforcing the law by hundred percent can create problems.”

However, Mangal assured he would prefer various ways to implement the law on such elements and finally in long term the law would be enforced on them.

The governor also spoke about his achievements in combating corruption during his short period in office.

The campaign against corruption had been launched but it was sluggish due to the lack of cooperation from security and detective organs, said the governor.

Mangal confirmed receiving complaints about the Torkham Township, the Population Registration Department, Education Department, issues in visa issuance at the Pakistani Consulate and other organizations. However, he said evidence was required to take action.

The governor mentioned the relocation of the Torkham Mayor, warning the graft-tainted in-charge of the Torkham commissary, relocating and changing the Population Registration Department’s employees in districts, and controlling the issuance of visas at Pakistani consulate as some of his achievements.

He said if the provincial security and detective organs helped him and provided proof and documents, he wouldn’t hesitate from arresting corrupt individuals in every organization.

The governor also referred to efforts made at preventing land grabbing in the province, citing a recent example of reclaiming more than 1,000 acres of land belonging to the Nangarhar Canal Department from its illegal usurpers.

He also informed about demolishing of homes arbitrarily built during the past 30 years in the premises of state-run Spin Ghar Hotel.

Mangal said construction of new apartments in the area would expand the hotel besides playing a big role in its beauty.

The governor asked civil society activists and tribal elders to share solutions with him about problems besides highlighting them. -Pajhwok

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