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Six Killed in Taliban Attack on Arghandab District HQ


AFGHANISTAN: A coordinated attack on the Arghandab district headquarters in southern Kandahar province ended after nearly one hour of fighting, in which five suicide bombers and an army soldier were killed and six more were injured, provincial officials said.

The attack was launched at 7:00am when one suicide bomber blew his explosive packed vehicle near to the first security gate to the district office complex, Zia Durannai, provincial police spokesman told Afghanistan Times.

Following the suicide bombing, four other assailants tried to enter the building but they faced stiff resistance from the security personnel.

In the ensuing clash, the four attackers were gunned down by Afghan security forces he said.

One Afghan National Army soldier was also martyred in the assault, in which six people including three civilians were injured.

The militants were trying to enter to the district compound that also houses district police HQ, but were eliminated before to implement their “evil” plan, Kandahar Media Center said in a statement.

Taliban usually launch suicide attacks in those areas where they are not able to fight face to face with Afghan security forces.

Kandahar is among one of the secure provinces of the country, where security forces, particularly police, are more active against the militants, according to officials.

Taliban in a statement claimed responsibility behind the attack, who said their fighters were still engaged in clashes with Afghan security forces.

The militants, who this year accelerated their armed and suicide attacks, have suffered heavy casualties in different parts of the country.

In most of the areas, after suffering heavy loses, the militants have never been able to re-manage their fighters or to resume their armed clashes.

Afghan government, which currently run counter-terrorism operations at least in 13 out of the 34 provinces, have planned to continue its military operations in winter season as well.

Afghan defense ministry spokesman, Dawlat Waziri, on Wednesday told newsmen in capital Kabul that army have imposed heavy losses on militants in various parts of the country this week.

Waziri said armed forces, particularly army, are committed to continue its counter-militants operation until all areas were cleared and secured back from militants.

Source: Afghanistan Times


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