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Shifting of Haqqani linked intelligence network from Pak to Laghman prevented: Official

Abdul-Aziz-HaqqaniKABUL: The anti-terrorism department of ministry of interior on Monday said that it succeeded to avoid transferring of a Haqqani linked intelligence network from Pakistan to eastern Laghman province.

“Afghan police managed to arrest three terrorist, who planned to shift a terrorist intelligence network connected to Haqqani terrorist group to Laghman province for running terrorist activity,” said deputy spokesman of the ministry of interior Najib Danish.

He said that the detained terrorist disguised in face of Afghan repatriation and struggled to skill fully placed terrorist’s intelligence accommodates in a truck to transfer them to Laghman province.

He elaborated that indicts during primary investigation confessed to their crime and said that they were tasked to employ other people to the terrorist network for subversive activity in Afghanistan.

The captured insurgents also have admitted that they have duty to identify the governmental workers and give their report to terrorist networks, added Danish.

Danish said that based on reports, after recent pressure by international community and Afghanistan over Pakistan regarding support of terrorist groups in its soil, Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Taliban leader struggled to transfer terrorists’ spy offices to Afghanistan.

Arrest of three rebels, who planned to transfer Haqqani linked intelligence network to Laghman province is a clear sign for the claim.

He said that computers, flash disks, Haqqani and Taliban letters also discovered and seized from the possession of the detained insurgents.

Anti-Terrorism Department of Ministry of Interior will exert utmost efforts to foil Taliban and Haqqani network bad omens plans against Afghan people and prevent establishing of terrorists’ intelligence network in the country, he insisted.

The arrested mine maker identified as Ghulam and is resident of Rodat district, he added.

He said that the captured mine maker involved in different subversive activities including laying mine in roadside in the province.


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