Shift Dr. Najibullah’s corpse to Kabul: Paktia residents

DR. NAJIBKABUL: Scores of the residents of southeastern Paktia province wants to shift the corpse of the former Afghan President Dr. Najibullah to Kabul province.

The demand was made during a gathering attended by tribal elders, members of the provincial council, and Afghan clerics.

Provincial council secretary Mohammad Rahman Qaderi quoted in a report by RFE said the tomb of Dr. Najibullah must be shifted to Kabul province from Paktia.

“In a bid to help the next generations of the country to remember Dr. Najibullah, the former Afghan President, his corpse must be shifted to Kabul from Paktia province,” Qaderi said.

Dr. Najibullah was hanged by the Taliban group along with his brother early in 1996 after he was captured together with his brother from the UN compound in Kabul.

Dr. Najibullah was elected as the president of Afghanistan in November of 1986 and a new constitution was adopted with his election as the Afghan President.

Some of the innovations incorporated into the constitution were a multi-party political system, freedom of expression, and an Islamic legal system presided over by an independent judiciary.

He is still remembered as a patriotic Afghan nationalist although differences remain in the minds of the people regarding his role, specifically for his governance backed by the former Soviet Union.

The youth of the country regards Dr. Najibullah as a symbol of patriotism and his pictures could still be seen in various parts of the main cities of the country, including in city cabs.

But the former provincial governor for western Herat province and jihadi leader Mohammad Ismail Khan urged the people in mid-April this year not to use the photographs of the late President Dr. Najibullah in their cars. -KP


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