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Seeking for regional solution is a right decision to bring peace in Afghanistan

Afghan security forces personnel are seen at the site of a car bomb attack in Kabul on May 31, 2017. At least 40 people were killed or wounded on May 31 as a massive blast ripped through Kabul's diplomatic quarter, shattering the morning rush hour and bringing carnage to the streets of the Afghan capital. / AFP PHOTO / SHAH MARAI

EDITORIAL: It is absolutely right decision to tackle the current crisis of Afghanistan from a regional perspective. The government of Afghanistan has made immense efforts to tell the international community that war can’t to be winning sans regional honest cooperation, because some countries have been feeding the insurgent outfits, instead of fighting against. Still there is time to try and get the war on terror back on track. The US has said that it would deal with the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan from a regional perspective in its new strategy for the country. US Defense Secretary, James Mattis said this as the insurgency in the country showing no signs of abating. Afghanistan’s neighbors such as Iran, India and Pakistan would also be involved in the new strategy. At somehow, US is looking seriously toward Afghanistan, as recently it also informed of delivering at least 53 Blackhawk helicopters to the Afghan forces—by this the number of total pledged helicopters jumps to 159 to be given during four years. However, the Afghan masses are believed that US could do much more to uproot militancy. It was hoped that US would eliminate Taliban and other militant outfits from Afghanistan permanently. But ground situation is quite different. Foreign forces entered in the country to wipe out terrorism—but situation is getting complicated day to day. During the long war, not only Taliban and other militants have not eliminated, but the presence of US and foreign forces have also resulted into emerge of Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh terrorists. The group’s brutality is visible to us all. Taliban, Daesh and other militant groups are truly the two sides of the same coin. Both are terrorists, and have to be abolished. At The mistake that US did at the outset was undermining the role of regional countries in war against terrorist. It wanted to deal with the evils alone under NATO resolution, but some regional players found their role empty, and tried to sabotage the mission by supporting militancy. When some of them realized that their interests are washing away, they not only created obstacles against Afghan and foreign forces, but also supported militants in highest level. Harboring and supporting militancy was the only input left to them to force US to bring them in Afghanistan’s situation. It is a fact that sans regional countries support, wining war is not possible. At the same time the US has to pressurize country’s supporting militants. It is a crystal fact that winning the war against terrorism without wiping out sanctuaries outside Afghanistan is impossible. However, when now US is looking to deal with Afghanistan’s issue from regional perspective, the Afghan people would take this as an important step, while desiring this to be a sign to bring peace and stability in the war-hit county.

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