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Sanjay Dutt’s next film to be about Afghanistan

sanjay-dutt-1INDIA: The famous Indian film star Sanjaty Dutt’s next film will be about Afghanistan to focus on the use of children in suicide attacks.

Sanjay Dutt is due to shoot for the movie by signing the contract of the film six months after he was released from the jail.

The movie will be directed by Girish Malik, the receiver of the National Award for Best Special Effects for his film Jal which was released in 2013.

The film, Torbaaz, is about Afghan kids who are trained to be suicide bombers, according to Hindustan Times as Sanjay is playing the role of a retired soldier in the movie.

“We keep hearing about all these killings and suicide bombers across the world. There are kids being trained to be suicide bombers in Afghanistan. Recently, when a young man blew himself up in Turkey, we got thinking. I wanted to explore what really goes behind the making of these?” the director of the film said.

Malik further added “Rameez Raja (Pakistani cricketer) called me and said we should give some hope to these children who are taught that killing is a virtue. We must show them there are other positive options. And that’s how the idea for this film was born.”

“Torbaaz is the story of a man who had lost everything but returns to Kabul with a new purpose in life. He teaches cricket to the kids and children who had been wielding guns till then, experience the joy of playing a sport. The film is about suicide bombers but it not a depressing one about killings and deaths; it is a ray of hope,” he added.

Sanjay was convicted in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case, served a 42-month sentence at Pune’s Yerwada jail. He was released on February 25, 103 days ahead of his prison term. -KP


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