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Rwadari Tehreek Khyber Pakthunkhwa demands the government to take effective measures to stop Hate Speech, Extremism and Terrorism


PESHAWAR: Rwadari Tehreek held a meeting in Peshawar demanding the government to take action against all the banned outfits who are spreading hatred, extremism and are involved in Terrorism. Rwadari Tehreek is a social movement that is launched by the concerned citizens of Pakistan in order to promote a culture to respect all faiths in a society. The participants of the meeting expressed their commitment to resist the extremist, intolerant and violent mindset in the society.

‘The movement aims to promote human dignity irrespective of their faiths’ Taimur Kamal told THE PASHTUN TIMES.


Mr. Qamar Naseem, provincial president of Rwadari Tehreek presided the meeting. While many other members of Rwadari Tehreek from various districts of the province, participated in the event. President of Rwadari Tehreek Mr. Qamar Naseem said that “the fresh wave of terrorism, at the beginning of 2016, is a clear indicator that the Government is not serious in taking action against hate speech, extremism and terrorism in the country”. Qamar Naseem adding, “banned terrorist outfits are still operating with impunity. The hate speech and material continue to spoil and fuel the minds of the people with extremist and intolerant thoughts. Therefore, we demand that the government must immediately call upon a stake-holders meeting to review its strategy and policy against hate speech, extremism and terrorism.  Enough is enough and we want action against the entire terrorist outfit without the recognition of good or bad, their financiers and facilitators”.

Secretary General of Rwadari Tehreek Mr. Umar Farooq criticized the policies of the Government as it remained failed to apprehend the elements involved in hate speech, printing and publication of hate material which fuels extremist and intolerant mindset in the society. Umar Farooq demanded immediate action against the banned terrorist outfits wherever they exist. Moreover the government must announce the de-weaponization policy to control the small arms.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Taimur Kamal, provincial genral secretary Rawadari Tehreek, appealed to all the citizens to exercise tolerance and respect towards other faiths and reject all those elements who are spreading. He said that the Government should also show seriousness in combating hate speech, extremism and terrorism.


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