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Russia’s Wars- Beginning or End of an Era

The attack on Ukraine is deeply deplorable and totally unacceptable to world community in any case.

 However, it was the American administration under President Bush, who in the recent past led America’s mighty war machine into the Middle East and before the world could brace for the new American century, nonsensically and without official diplomatic warnings on international channel, destroyed and  devastated several countries with tens of millions of live lost  in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya on the basis of a flimsy pretext that these countries or their leadership was involved in 9/11 attacks on America or had WMDs etc.

 America carried out these horrible attacks far away from its borders and without legal sanctions. No plausible inquiries were ever conducted or presented to international forums such as the European Union, UNO or the Security Council. The lives and homes destroyed were perhaps considered not worthwhile to be taken up for any political or intellectual discourse in the Western democratic world.

During the era of America’s wars from 1990 to 2015, NATO initiated extending its sphere of military influence and potential action into the very neighbourhoods of Russia i.e. Eastern Europe and the Baltic States for no plausible reasons except creating possible military encirclement of Russia. NATO has also been providing weapon system and training personnel to Poland, Ukraine and others under that policy with complete disregard to repercussions to and from the Russian Federation.

As these developments occurred in its vicinity, Russia after the liquidation of Soviet Union remained in the state of political, economic, and military trauma and couldn’t pre-empt NATO’s clandestine geopolitical belligerence.

 However, within good time, Russia has stood up on its feet as a veritable superpower again and demands its historic sphere of political, economic and military influence back, through all possible means while NATO doesn’t seem to budge from its tacit manoeuvrings, playing diplomatic stunts like the Novichok affair in England, Nord-stream card and general Russia bashing to keep Russian demands on the back burner.

The outcome of NATO’s aggressive policies in the form of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and attack on Ukraine wasn’t unexpected even to laymen around the world. How in the world was it lost to NATO and the US? It wasn’t even for a second and whatever NATO and US are pretending to exhort now is nothing but immature gimmicks and point scoring semantics again to the same effect: minimize and downplay Russia’s regional leadership role which isn’t going to bear any positive outcomes anytime sooner or later.

The right course for world diplomacy is to avoid unnecessary and extraneous interference into the historical Russian Federation territories with the same strict sanctity that the United States has always asserted for its Monroe Doctrine. Anything less wouldn’t work and the world would be stuck on the hinge of uncertainty till the beginning of World War 3.

It was an unfortunate time for the world, when in 1990s after the liquidation of Soviet Union, America was deliberately made to shun its destined role as the sole leader of mankind, and instead was forced to chose to initiate the rise of Islamophobic hysteria around the world that culminated in War against Terror. The rampage that America created in the world was phenomenal. Millions of humans were annihilated through bombing and blitzkriegs. Cities were turned into ruins and tens of millions of families were rooted out of their ancestral abodes. Dead bodies of those who ran for their and their children’s lives went afloat the shores of the Mediterranean while the whole world watched the mayhem continue unabated for years on. For the first time in history ‘the death of others’ became a dark and smeared concept instead of being the mark of white colonists’ national adventurism and masculine cult. That should have been an eye opener for the world in general and America and Europe in particular. However, man and specially the White Man learns nothing from history. America was made to quit Iraq and Syria by Russian Middle East policy, it’s interference in South America and Iran kept on rising. The Guvaido affair in Venezuela and the unilateral cancellation of JCPOA are recent episodes of failed American geopolitical tactics.

Ironically enough as mentioned earlier, it was again Russia that put an end to American belligerence around the world when President Putin decided to land his countries air and land forces in aid of Syrian government. Thus ending America’s ghost wars in a stalemate everywhere in the world.

After a comprehensive defeat of America’s false narrative, a defining moment has arrived in the history of mankind yet once again. Another day of awakening dawned upon the world when COVID-19 abruptly tore through borders and regions infecting hundreds of millions in a matter of months. The world had to become one, but only for a moment. Russia was the first to come up with a vaccine. However, instead of taking steps towards unification of international objectives, America and Europe again initiated alienating Russia and China even at the height of the pandemic; denying those mighty superpowers legitimate role in world affairs and blaming China for designing the virus synthetically.

 Totally false and precarious allegations of myopic magnitude were levelled against these super states. China and Russia bashing became a culture throughout the intellectual and journalistic circles of the Western world and today the human world stands in a blind alley once again with no hope of an end to the miseries of hundreds of millions of humans and trillions of other contemporary species living on this planet.

At this blank point in time, war in Ukraine may lead to unforeseen and unexpected catastrophes around the world, specially in AfPak region and the Middle East where the stakes of power interest have been kept high since ages as American and Western policy objective of achieving permanent command and control over energy resources of the region.

As in 1990s, America wilfully chose to let go its chance of being the leader of mankind and the whole world knows who was behind the machinations to make the world a lawless and dark place. Now history has again reached a point for the  American people, being in the forefront of democracy, human rights and international law, to stress upon President Biden administration take the right course of action; unifying the world against rising threats of environmental pollution, climate change and the rise of uncontrollable epidemics and pandemics, not succumbing to administration’s own or foreign agents’ plotted and created narratives be used as policy determinants for Russia and China bashing at any cost. This is perhaps the last time there is a chance of super-power reconciliation, which if not availed will definitely put the world into irreversible chain of events that’ll lead to the end of human civilization once and for all.

By Prof. Amjed Ayaz Khan, Editor-in-Chief – The Pashtun Times.

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