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Russians and Syrians Achieve Breakthrough in Aleppo


RUSSIA INSIDER: Allied troops from Hezbollah and Iran have contributed to the advance. Peace talks have been suspended through the end of February

With its support of the Russian Air Force, Syria’s army has achieved a strategically important breakthrough near Aleppo.  That could mean that main supply routes from Turkey to the terrorists are now cut off.

Syria’s army together with its allies have successfully fought against IS terrorist posts in the northwestern province of Aleppo. An army spokesperson told Reuters last Wednesday that an IS siege lasting for three years over the towns Nubul and Sahraa could be broken.

Syria’s army received support from the Russian Air Force and also ground fighters from Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia. This breakthrough by Syrians and Russians represents a hefty blow for IS terrorists because supply routes to Turkey are cut now.

Another success for the anti-terror alliance: news agencyAlmasdarnews reports that Syria’s army is encircling terrorist IS forces in the region of Aleppo.

During the evening UN special envoy, Mr. Staffan de Mistura, announced that Syrian peace talks in Geneva will be suspended until the end of February 2016. According to the Syrian government delegation, it seems quite unclear who will finally participate in these talks as a representative from Syria’s opposition.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia brings confusion to the table while presenting their newly founded “Syrian opposition.”  Germany contributes to the financing for this obscure delegation. The really important groups and parties from Syria were not invited at all to these peace talks.

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