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Russian Foreign Minister Calls on Russians to Leave Turkey Immediately

GettyImages-497649668_pt_8Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called a news conference all lingering in Turkey Russians to leave the country immediately.

Currently, estimates 10,000 Russian citizens in Turkey on. They were now invited by Sergei Lavrov to leave the country immediately. Reason is today’s shooting down of a Russian fighter jets at the Turkish-Syrian border. Aljazeera reported on this detail of the press conference.

In Western media Lavrov calling on his countrymen was hawked only mitigated.It said only that he had advised against traveling to Turkey, because of a “terrorist threat”, which is comparable with that in Egypt – regardless of the events of the day.

“We do not recommend to our citizens why currently, the Republic of Turkey to visit from tourist or other reasons,” Lavrov was of Sputnik cited.

Lavrov himself has canceled a planned visit to Turkey on Wednesday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had clearly said that the Russian-Turkish relations of the launch not remained untouched, Lavrov said on Tuesday.At the meeting with Lavrov Turkish counterpart it should go, among other things to a possible common approach in Syria conflict.

Russia wants Turkey treated as “accomplices of the IS” after the launch of the Jets. -Agencies


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