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Russia supports Taliban’s call for withdrawal of all foreign forces

Zamir-KabulovKABUL: Russia has endorsed the Taliban militants group’s call for the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Afghanistan, it has been reported.

The endorsement was reportedly made by Russia’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov during an interview.

“Of course it’s justified” for the Taliban to oppose the foreign military presence, Kabul was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.

Kabulov further added “Who’s in favor? Name me one neighboring state that supports it.”

The latest remarks by Kabulov came as concerns are on the rise by the American officials regarding the growing attempts by Moscow to strengthen links with the Taliban group.

The American defense secretary James Mattis has said Washington is concerned regarding the ties between Moscow and Taliban group.

He said Washington is informed regarding the ties between two but did not comment further regarding the alleged supply of weapons to the group by Russia.

The commander of the United States Central Command earlier had accused Moscow of supporting the Taliban insurgency.

The top US commander in Afghanistan who is also leading the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission had also expressed concerns regarding the growing interferences by the neighboring countries of Afghanistan. -KP


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