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Russia reacts at alleged support to the Afghan Taliban

Taliban-and-RussiaKABUL: The Embassy of Russia in Kabul has reacted towards the remarks of the Afghan officials regarding the alleged support of Moscow to the Taliban group.

According to a statement by the Russian Embassy, some senior Afghan officials are accusing Russia of supporting the Taliban group, emphasizing that such allegations are made without any proof or evidence.

The growing frustrations among the Afghan officials follow amid reports that Moscow is providing support to the Taliban group.

The American officials also expressed regarding the growing attempts by Moscow to strengthen links with the Taliban group.

The American defense secretary James Mattis said Washington is concerned regarding the ties between Moscow and Taliban group.

He said Washington is informed regarding the ties between two but did not comment further regarding the alleged supply of weapons to the group by Russia.

In the meantime, the Afghan government reacted at Moscow’s stance regarding the Taliban demands for the full withdrawal of the foreign forces from the country.

Presidential spokesman Shah Hussain Murtazawi told reporters earlier this month that no one has the right to dictate terms or issue instructions regarding the presence of the foreign forces in the country.

He said the issue relates to the Afghan nation and the Afghan government to decide regarding the presence of the foreign forces or the forces belonging to the international allies of Afghanistan. -KP


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