Roots of ongoing violence in Afghanistan lie outside, Afghan envoy tells UNSC

Nazifullah-SalarzaiKABUL: The roots of ongoing violence in Afghanistan lie outside the country, the Afghan envoy to the United Nations said during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Nazifullah Salarzai Minister, Deputy Permanent Representative of Afghanistan, was speaking during the meeting “Threats Caused by Terrorist Acts – Protection of Critical Infrastructure”.

“The ongoing cycle of violence in Afghanistan is not, by any means, a homegrown phenomenon. Its roots lie elsewhere, outside Afghanistan,” Salarzai said.

Salarzai further added the roots of violence are emanating from a strategic design crafted from within our region to advance an ill-fated political agenda, which serves no one, defies international law and constitutes a blatant violation of the very spirit and tenets of the UN Charter, including relevant counterterrorism resolutions of the General Assembly and Security Council.

According to Salarzai, the fight against international terrorism stands at a crossroads.

“ At this critical juncture, a refined global effort is needed to combat this menace with greater precision and accuracy.  In this context, we welcome the efforts of the new Secretary General to strengthen the UN counter-terrorism architecture, including his decision to create the Office of Counter Terrorism (OCT), and appoint of an Under-Secretary General to head that office,” he added.

Salarzai also added that “Despite Afghanistan’s difficult security environment, we are a nation that is making steady progress towards lasting stability and Self-Reliance.”

“The National Unity Government is working, in greater cohesion and coordination, on tackling a difficult set of challenges facing our people. In that effort, our security forces are serving valiantly to enhance security, while defending and protecting our sovereignty, infrastructure and people against terrorism and violent extremism,” he said. -KP


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