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Rogue act furnish nothing; Sincere approach of Pakistan to fight terrorism is the only solution to end calamity: CEO

aBDULLAH ABDULLAHKABUL: While expressing his deepest sympathy with the victim-families of the recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abdullah Abdullah said “the only solution to end tragedy in the both sides is the honest approach of Islamabad in fight against terrorism.”

Presiding the Council of Ministers meeting on Monday, Abdullah said, “the fundamental solution to the ongoing insurgency is the sincere cooperation of Pakistan in the peril, as threat tricks would never give fruits.”

Pointing toward increase of shelling in the past couple of days, he said “I would like to assure our people that we all are unitedly stand with our Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in protecting our people and motherland.”

He furthered, “we have never distinction between terrorist groups, and never used them as a foreign strategic depth to achieve our objectives.”

“All terrorist groups—who are fighting against Afghans were birth outside Afghanistan, and the Afghan people always been the victims of terror,” the CEO said, adding, it is completely unfair to lay blame on Afghanistan for supporting terrorists.

He added that Afghanistan has always had a friendly foreign police and preserved cordial relations with the neighbors. “Taking this into account, this is not fair to accuse Afghanistan.”

The CEO added, Afghanistan always acknowledged and proved its honesty in fight against terrorism and “still our forces are at the first-line of battlefield to counterterrorism.”

Hinting toward Islamic State (S), aka Daesh terrorist—a militants group produced outside Afghanistan, the CEO, said that the Afghan forces bravely fighting this group to eliminate them from the country.

“Terrorist groups in Afghanistan are hiding in the areas under Taliban presence. We need to destroy Taliban insurgents to destroy other groups,” he underlined.

It is worth mentioning that after recent attacks in Pakistan, particularly in ShahbazQalandar shrine tension between Kabul and Islamabad reached at boiling point. Pakistan closed Turkham crossing point and also started missile shelling since Thursday, causing casualties.

Hundreds of civilian in different districts of eastern Nangarhar and Kunar provinces were displaced due to rocket firing.


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