Repercussions of Creating Pakistan

unnamed (1)The creation of Pakistan was shrouded in a mysteries to give political life to few. Otherwise it was clear to everyone that state was proclaimed for a person and an army.  More ink has been sprinkled on this subject than needed. The real issue was ignored, the repercussions of its creation on global politics and peace? Very few have elaborated on this subject.

Pakistan is one of the four proclaimed states. THE SEED OF HATRED WAS SOWN. It was the wish of colonial masters to have a foothold and opportunism of Indian congress to get rid of the biggest minority or at least slash it to manageable size. Once the precedence was established, every subsequent birth of another proclaimed states had much wider and violent  base of hatred for example Israel, Timor, South Sudan..

To me it is irrelevant whether it was a British diplomatic need to have a foot hold in the region, or a wish of Indian Muslims for a separate home land or the prejudice of Patel-Nehru to get rid of the second biggest religious minority. The religious party JI, who  first opposed it and dubbed  the Founding father Kafir Azam, later found it a jumping pad to a theocratic state and changed its stance.

The biggest anomaly in this process was the creation of a state and a nation for a Leader. The founding father was soon encircled by Islamists and quickly undressed him to be dressed that is acceptable to ordinary Muslim. The English suit was flung away to be replaced by Jinnah cap and Shirwani.

 It was declared as the first Islamic state. Like western countries, who were committed to impose democracy of their brand beyond their borders, the same precedence was adopted by the new proclaimed state to defend and impose Islam beyond its frontiers. Like western countries it was left to the rulers and army to have the final say. “Democracy USA” style so was the Islam “Saudi style”.

The corner stone of foreign policy was tailored for beyond geographical borders and paved the path of interference in other countries. The caliphate or Emirate was tried but abandoned on the advice of Saudi rulers.

The ill-equipped and imported ruler’s haphazard actions created problems for the new-State. A new concept of nationhood on the basis of religion was created, they failed to comprehend that it is a multi-national state, every nation has its own National language, culture and psyche.

Till that time, Urdu was spoken by all, without prejudice. After a declaring it as a national Language made it the most controversial and sensitive issue. Bengalis rose to their heels and protest was launched resulting in martyrdom of 21 Bengali students. Jinnah rushed to Dacca to plead the case of Urdu in English but failed, the damage had been done. It didn’t deter the rulers but UNO declared mother tongue day universally to commemorate the uprising of Bengalese who were martyred. THE SEED OF BANGLA DESH WAS SOWN. It was the attitude of the elites that their brand of Islam became the most detested one. The vicious circle of cultural suffocation and economical exploitation started.

Another problem was faced by Islamists that after proclamation of Islam they were left with no slogan. The conspirators and establishment strengthened their ranks and file with the Islamists. They turned their guns from inter-religious hatred to intra-religion hatred by reviving sectarian hatred. Intra religion differences were played up to the extent that today we have 72 sects all with sword drawn.

The Ahmadies were the first to be targeted. I am not a religious scholar to involve myself whether it was wrong or right, but the forum that declared it, as non Muslims was not a competent to issue a religious verdict. In the house there was only one religious scholar.

 Today we are at a stage Shia does not consider Sunni as Muslim and vice versa. When I was in Saudi it was a policy that a student from Shia sect was not supposed to top the exam. They were not allowed to hold their religious festival. No one knows when the axe will fall on Shia in Pakistan or Sunni in Iran, is a matter of time?

We have 72 sects, all recognized by the colors of their turbans, supported by agencies to establish their own brand of Islam in an Islamic state. The worrying aspect is the transformation of the” land for Muslim” to Islamic state reflecting non accommodative attitude and sectarian hatred with no place for minorities whether religious or ethnic, the later was declared non Islamic concept and the small nation had to bear the wrath.

JI claim not to be sectarian and torch bearer of Pan- Islamism is also a sectarian organization. To get membership of JI, one has to pass the work of Maulana Maudoodi. There is no place for a comparative study. There present stance is for public consumption otherwise it is as sectarian as others. It was the first organization to have an armed wing busy in Kashmir and Afghanistan.

The first international impact of creation of Pakistan was to make religion as an integral Part of politics, the other like Israel, South Sudan, and an enclave of Christians in Indonesia, followed the foot step. The supporter of this foul game was the colonial or super power. Any bad precedence is always followed by events, more pungent and obnoxious than the previous ones.

Till the creation of Pakistan no doubt then there were inter-religion distrusts but never so Intense and full of hatred, as it is today. Intra-religious sectarian bitterness was unheard. With disappearance of inter-religious hateful antagonism, there was a need for a bone of contention to continue the campaign of hatred. It was a matter of survival for religious pundits in murky water, resulting in sectarian politics and intolerance.

The seculars were caught off leg and dubbed as atheist. To keep its validity as the defender of ideological borders, Pakistan raised a mighty army, having a greater say in internal and a foreign policies of the country and a veto power to be free to tailor economy according to their needs. Aids and loans were all consumed by it. To serve beyond the borders agenda, the flood gates were opened to the terrorists to be used in promoting terror where required, gradually the country became the breeding camp of terrorism and maintain the nurseries till to day.

Pakistan is no more than a garrison state or academy for training terrorists. The same is true about Israel. Iran is another one in the race.

The window of hatred created in 1947 has become the second name of international terrorism and terrorists. The broad day target killing, insurgency on mass scale, suicidal bombers are all the offspring’s of ill gotten philosophy to encircle the atheist USSR by the west, with least bother that who sow the seeds hatred, have to reap the harvest. The yellow dream has become a draconian reality.  The creation left many repercussions on world politics.

Internally the security lapses are known to everybody. No one is safe, no place is secure. We are milking our geopolitical cow and Saudi. Every institution failed to grow and remained dwarf and no short or long term policy could be chalked out, because of fluid cash availability all the times.

If stuck, Saudi are readily available to bail us out. The army is a surrogate army and the country is a renter state. The army is readily available to protect sheikhs and kings. They have lost their professionalism, any how the surrogates doesn’t need it. The country has mortgaged its sovereignty. The government has no writ on 33 percent of the country. There is hardly any policy made in Pakistan, we have to follow the instruction of the masters. Can we still expect any progress or stability? It is just a wishful thinking.

Maggots of “ideology of Pakistan” and “Islamic state” have eaten up every pillar of the state.

No minority religious or ethnic feels safe and secure. The intolerance is to the extent that even the animal kingdom is not safe. The pigs are shot at sight, its flesh is forbidden in Islam.

The intellectual tinkling is prohibited. Most of the writers have to flee the country and then get their books printed. Some aspects of life are forbidden tree, not to be touched. One has to learn to live in a vacuum. The people are migrating if they can get visa or citizenship of another country. Brain drain is going on unchecked. No security, no decent living is thinkable without corruption.

Writer: Dr. Khurshid Alam

The writer is a columnist with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He can be reached at


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