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Renowned Afghan artist ‘Hamdullah Arbab’ arts celebrate in the NSS main office in Kabul

InzoorgariToday, a renowned Afghan artist Hamdullah Arbab art celebrated in the (NSS) main office. Hamdullah Arbab displayed his creative art pieces in the main office of national stability society (NSS) main office in Kabul. A number of Afghan art lovers, writers, journalists, civil society members, youths, women and politicians were participated in this significant art exhibition.

The theme of the exhibition was to restore peace and national harmony among Afghans.

NSSIn the beginning National Stability Society (NSS) Chairman Ziaulhaq Amarkhil welcome and thanked all the participant of this event especially he paid rich tribute to the renowned Afghan artist Hamdullah Arbab for his contribution in contemporary Afghan art. He further stated (NSS) peace is our highest priority goal in Afghanistan and we also expect from the government to engage in serious result oriented peace dialogue with all opposition arms groups. He also stress that the initiated peace process with Hizb-e Islami must be reached to a fruitful end along with Taliban.

Amarkhil further elaborated that we support the present Afghan government for its every positive work and do criticize in those matter which not support Afghan national interest. At the end he urged that now it’s time that Afghan leaders should think beyond ethic, religious and sectarian lines for broader national integrity and prosperity. Hamdullah Arbab also said that my art is for the cause of peace, unity and pluralist value in Afghan society. He opposed all types of biasness and narrow thinking in the Afghan society. He added that prejudice is the result of reactionary ignorance. The artist calls upon all Afghans that we must stand today in front of all those who have brought Afghanistan in this poor state of affairs. Other speakers also spoke and praised the cause of the (NSS) especially for the promotion of art, the promotion of peace and pluralism in the society. In the last, political analyst Mian Gul Waseeq and renowned Afghan intellectual Shah Mehmood Miakhail also expressed their views in support of National Stability Society (NSS) and its struggle for political and social reforms.

By Sher Jan Takal, Kabul


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