Religion cannot be Defined by Our Meat Eating Habits: Shah Rukh Khan

SRKIn response to a question about the current intolerance spree in India Shah Rukh Khan said that one’s eating habits are personal priorities and have nothing to do with religion. He termed the beef-related violence incidents in India as “silly”. He said that religion is the least discussed topic at his house and his kids are free to follow the religion of their choice. He stated that his children are not clear whether they are Muslims or Hindus and often enquire about it. His in-laws also face a very confusing situation when they visit them. He said that he had a mixed parentage, his father being a Pathan from Pakistan and his mother from Hyderabad. He said that he wants to transfer the same liberal, human and secular values to his children. In response to a question about the increasing animadversion of the Pakistani actors Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan working in India from the Hindu extremists groups like Shev Sena, he said that it is completely unjust. Khan said that banning creative from working just because they belong to a different country is unjustified. He said that creative people and those related to showbiz have nothing to do with politics. He further emphasised that exchange of creative people between the two countries is beneficial for both. To a question whether he would surrender to Shev Sena or would stand by Mahira Khan his co-Star in Reas, King Khan said that if she is working in his film it means she was needed there. He said that he is not afraid of openly expressing his opinion.

News Desk: The Pashtun Times

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