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Reject ISIS and support Taliban group, Al-Qaeda leader tell supporters

ZWAHRIThe leader of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network Ayman Al-Zawahiri has called on supporters to reject the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group and support the Taliban group in Afghanistan.

Al-Zawahiri made the call in his latest video which was reportedly published on Sunday, titled ‘Be Not Divided Among Yourselves’.

He call on world’s Muslims should “rally around the emirate” in what is a reference to the Afghan Taliban.

The latest call by Al-Zawihiri comes as the Taliban group in Afghanistan and the loyalists of ISIS terrorist group have been fighting for more than a year in Afghanistan.

Both the Taliban group and the ISIS loyalists are struggling to gain prominence in the country by enforcing their respective strict interpretation of Islam.

In the meantime, reports emerged during the recent weeks suggesting that the Taliban group and the loyalists of the Islamic State have reached to an agreement for a truce.

The move by the two groups follows as the Afghan forces as well as the US forces in Afghanistan have stepped up raids during the recent months.

The US President Barack Obama granted broader role to the US forces in Afghanistan to conduct raids against the ISIS and Taliban militants.

The broader role to US forces was granted in a bid to suppress the growing insurgency in the country mainly due to a resurgent Taliban-led insurgency. -KP


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