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Reham Khan: The National “Bhabi”

RegggLONDON: Amidst the speculations over the reasons for break-up between Reham Khan and the former cricketer-turned politician Imran Khan, Reham Khan said that no one but they themselves are responsible for the divorce, as their marriage could never become a personal matter, because everybody had a say in it. in a sense, Reham Khan said, with her marriage the whole Pakistani nation seemed to be her ‘susral’ or in-laws.

“Women in our society generally complain of an interfering mother-in-law or sister-in-law, but being the national Bhabi (sister-in-law), meant the whole country was my Susral (in-laws); it meant everyone had a say,” Ms Khan said.

Writing in an article in the Guardian, Reham khan said that even marrying the strongest man in the land could not save her from a barrage of abuse. Ms Khan said that she was abused in media as twice divorced woman of three children, yet no such comments were made in case of Imran Khan who was also twice divorced with having children.


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