Refugee Crisis – an Interjection

Claudia 02One may think what one likes about Angela Merkel`s politics, but her European vision, combined with the welcome for refugees fleeing Syria and other war-torn countries, should not fail because of national initiatives now.

The EU Member States quickly agree when it comes to the requisitioning of funds from Brussels, but it’s noticeable that when solidarity and joint action are desperately needed, the Chancellor is often on her own.

National self-interest should not replace the former solidarity, especially in the former bloc countries (Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Romania) as well as the other countries in Europe.

Well-developed arguments have been brought to the notice of the public to dispute and negate her accommodation of the migrants, however, many of the criticisms don’t accord with the facts.

Britta Peterson (Heinrich Böll Foundation) has pointed out, in a detailed account, how little Western culture is threatened by the small percentage of refugees, when compared to the overall population of the EU:

Why Europe Needs a New Renaissance

The problem can be solved and I call on the EU Member States to follow Mrs. Merkel`s commitment and relieve the pressure of the debate, which has raised the spectre of right-wing radicalism and political unrest. Europe is being exposed to what could turn into a dangerous trial and the bureaucratic construction of ‘Fortress Europe’ could suddenly negate all of the peaceful, intracontinental advancement gained since its inception with red tape, entangling the Schengen agreement.

The European idea should not be cancelled out by petty bureaucracy nor freedom restricted. Let us not regress to become the accomplices of anti – democratic parties and movements, because of dubious evidence and propaganda.

It is within the power of the Member States, to all take a contingent of refugees and solve this problem.


It must not be forgotten that the problem of refugees can be attributed to the EU’s own inaction when some responsible interference might have defused the situation and saved the terrible effects of conflict we see today.

It is time for Europe to become more united and engage in foreign policy and to speak with one voice.

The misery and scale of displaced persons after World War II, was much more difficult, but it succeeded nevertheless, due to the great efforts of the countries, politicians and people involved.

And the refugee crisis doesn’t end with Syria. There is the genocide of Balochistan, still an occupied province of Pakistan, taking place; Afghanistan and Pakistan refugees are currently side-lined even though most of them could be fully integrated.

Do not miss this historical opportunity to work together and solve this problem, because in this way, it is solvable.

Don`t contribute to the weakening of Europe and strengthening of a dictatorship in Turkey.

A common, political ground would enable a strong, economically viable Europe.

Please work together on a realistic and humanitarian distribution mechanism and allay the fear of ‘Fortress Europe’ or the lessons of history will be forgotten. Polarisation and nationalism have consequences…and they haven’t proved beneficial.

By Claudia Waedlich

The writer is a Germany based columnist and commentator with THE PASHTUN TIMES. She is a literary writer, lawyer and politician. She can be reached at


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