Ready for comprehensive talks with Pakistan: Ghani

Ghani EidKABUL: President Mohamamd Ashraf Ghani on Friday said attacks on religious places was attack on Afghanistan and carried out by miscreants.

Addressing reporters after the Eid-ul-Adha prayer at the mosque of Presidential Palace the president said he was proud of Afghanistan for having national unity and religious harmony.

The president congratulated Eid-ul-Adha to the entire nation special to security forces of the country.

“I feel proud that our security forces have been busy in maintaining security in cities, villages and remote areas of the motherland so that our citizen can celebrate Eid peacefully,” said the president.

He thanked the masses for their support to security forces and added injured and family members of victims had been inquired after and the Afghan pilgrims were safe and busy in offer Hajj rituals.

The president asked Sunni people to visit mosques and religious places of Shia and demanded Shia to do the same to improve religious harmony which is unique in Afghanistan.

Ghani said attack on religious places was attack on Afghanistan.

Referring to Pakistan, the president said: “I want to give message to Pakistan that we are ready for talks on multiple issues. Peace with Pakistan is part of our national agenda. Our quest for regional peace is based on logic and realities.”

The president said time has reached the armed militants should decide if they were Afghans and raised in the same country, got inspiration from the motherland or they were tool of division among Afghans.

He added: “I extend hand for peace once again and believe that peace is an order from Allah and path of prophet Mohammad (PBUH). We should strive for peace fighting cannot force us to undermine our national interest and it was important that Afghanistan should have a proper government responsible to its people.”

The president stressed over national unity, political cohesion, and religious harmony and said: “I hope that together we do the heroics that our predecessors did it in the past.” -Pajhwok

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