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Rape and brutal murder of 6-year-old Afghan girl in Iran sparks anger

Afghan-girl-raped-and-murdered-in-IranA horrific report has emerged from Iran regarding the brutal murder of a 6-year-old Afghan girl who was initially raped by a teenage Iranian.

The brutal murder of the girl, Setayish Quraishi, has sparked anger both in Afghanistan and outside, with the local media reports in Iran saying the perpetrator was a 17-year-old Iranian national.

The reports further added that the incident took place in Khairabad area in Veramin city in the outskirts of Tehran, the provincial capital of Iran.

According to the reports, the girl was initially abducted and was raped by the teenager Iranian who then murdered by stabbing her to death.

The girl was also burnt with acid in a bid to hide the brutal rape and murder incident, the reports said, adding that the perpetrator attempted to burn the victim after his friend denied to help him.

He was arrested by police after reports regarding the brutal murder and rape of the girl spread in the society.

According to the semi-official Fars News Agency, a number of high level officials, including the Afghan ambassador to Iran have visited the family of the victim to offer condolences regarding the horrific incident.

The father of the victim has been reported to be a labourer who migrated to Iran nearly 16 years ago. He has demanded the authorities to serve justice and hang the perpetrator for the brutal murder of his daughter. -KP


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