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Radd – ul-Fassad against whom?

Farooq Azam

Pakistan Army has recently started an operation Radd – ul-Fassad against the banned militant group Jammat-ul-Ahrar. This operation has been conducted in the response of various attacks of terrorists in the various parts of the country. Like this, twelve other operations since from 2002 have conducted to eliminate the roots of terrorism from the country but remained unsuccessful. These operations got no success as there was no serious act against the Taliban and operations were completely out of tracks.

     Similarly operation Radd – ul-Fassad has no clear aim in order to throw out the roots of terrorism from the country. There are two main objectives of Pakistani military regarding this operation to change the climate of the state. Firstly , March 2017 had been given to Afghan refugees to leave the country, but they are not in the position to leave the country because of considering it the second homeland. The establishment is showing connections of blasts or any other terrorists’ activities with the Afghanistan and Fata. Therefore the Pashtuns are being targeted in Sindh, Punjab and each part of the country. These fake connections with terrorism are creating great hatred amongst the Pashtuns against each others. Punjab police has clearly issued the statements against the Pashtuns “wherever seen any Pashtuns must contact with Punjab Police”. The people of Punjab has the slogan of” Go Pashtun Go” on their lips against the Pashtuns. Nowadays Pashtuns are in miserable and worse conditions and there is no one to speak against the cruel behavior of establishment against the Pashtuns.

Second the Federal Government of Pakistan is also facing the threat from the military. The threat is in the form of Rangers Operation in Punjab. The Prime Minister has always showed the appearance of being on the same pitch with military but doesn’t seem to be appear .I think you have remember the famous statement “Act against the Militants or face the International Isolation”. Rangers have started the operation in Punjab against the Taliban as there are safe heavens of sectarian and extremist groups. The federal government and Punjab government is against the rangers operations in Punjab. Now a question arises that why both governments are against the operation?

The answer is if the military gets free hand in Punjab, the PML’N will lose their monopolistic control .Due to its monopolistic control, the PML’N has won the last three elections in Punjab. It has fully controls the top bureaucracy, businesses and commercial activities and has created a big class of beneficiaries and dependents in the province by tolerating corruption and distributing state patronage on specific objectives. These bureaucracy and beneficiaries will ensure that votes are delivered to the PML’N in such a large number that sweeps the province. If the rangers achieved their goals while also act against the corruption so Punjab government will lose its grip . The establishment has always the political influence and Imran khan always appeared as a puppet in the hand of establishment. The military always wanted its own person to rule over the country according to its own wishes

By Farooq Azam

The writer is a political Science student at Quaid Azam University Islamabad. He can be reached at farooqazamkhanmrd@gmail.com


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