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Privatization of Islam in Pakistan

Islam is the state religion of Pakistan under the constitution of 1973.
According to article 2. The state religion shall be Islam. While objective resolution has been made substantive part of constitution under article 2A. Moreover, it is loud and clear in article 227 that all existing laws shall be brought in conformity with injunctions of lslam and no law shall be enacted which is repugnant to injunctions of Islam meaning thereby to Quran and Sunnah. Thereby it clearly means that the state is responsible :-
1. To spread and promote Islam,
2. To protect Islam
3. To enact laws according to injunctions of Islam
4. To bring all existing laws in conformity with Islam
5. To encourage citizens for observance of Islam in collective as well as individual capacities.
6. To own Islam as state religion
This is what our constitution clearly means . but ground realities are totally different.
we always blame Gen. Ziaul Haq for Islamization of Pakistan and tie current extremism with his policies but the constitution of 1973, which is clearly Islamic in nature, has been passed by political parties and elected govt. The actual problem is that we have never implemented our constitution in letter and spirit. Whether state of Pakistan should own Islam and take responsibility of its preaching and promotion or left the Islam to ambitious peoples having vested interest .
Actually we have privatized Islam in Pakistan, every one is allowed to open madrasa or religious institution and spread his own version and interpretation of Islam. If the secular forces want to reduce the role of state in this regard, the extremism and sectarian violence will further grow as a result because this is actually privatization of Islam which has caused rift and created different mindsets in Pakistan. The constitution owns Islam as state religion thereby it is duty of the state to make arrangements for spreading and promoting of Islam. It is not the duty of individuals to spread Islam according to their own understanding; the State should regulate religious activities. Without a feasibility report, why everyone is free to open madrasa and spread his own version and interpretation of Islam? State should interfere and regulate the issue otherwise if people are allowed to spread anything, more chaos will be emerged.
Riaz Daavi Advoacte, Mardan

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