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Privatization: A Confession of incompetence

Muddasir Kasrani BalochThe privatization is being preached and propagated as the only panacea of the sufferings of PIA by the government. The comparison charts of PIA are being pasted on social media for the justification and for gaining support and sympathy from the masses. Unfortunately a large population has been mesmerized by the governmental propaganda. We are always bent upon looking at the things at the surface level. We do not try to understand the lie of the land.

We are being asked to see the things via profit and loss approach. There is no such thing when humans are involved. These are relative terms. We have see things from the structuralist approach. PIA can not be seen in the context of Turkish line or any other air line of the world. If this is the approach then we have to place our all the institutions from that context. It is true that Pia has failed to deliver but the question is why and who are responsible for its failure. Certainly those who are bent upon privatizing it- the tribe of politicians. First they have quenched their thirst by bleeding it but the thirst has intensified therefore now they came out with the idea of privatization as a great solution. This is not constructive mind set but otherwise. This is certainly the indication that the present leadership has failed to improve PIA and it is their manifestation of their incompetence. It is widely believed that their thirst will not quench from the privatization of PIA. They are presenting employees as the monster who are bleeding PIA. I salute to the PIA employees for rendering meritorious services in the toughest sutuations and taking the stand for the national institution and their own social security.

Now the question arises that privatization is the only way to improve service and secure profits and save losses. If it is then we have we to first put those in this parenthesis (government)who belive in that way. They have miserably failed to come up to the expectation of the people. Privatization idea is itself the manifestation of their incompetence and surrender.Privatization indirect way of saying sorry we are not eligible and competent to solve the problem.

The people of pakistan must understand that the employees are not the burden on any institution but those are the burden whose thirst for more can not be quenched. When they will be over wih PIA they will come hard on other institutions like railways. The people of Pakistan have to ask their elected respected leaders that they have been elected in order to adress the issues and they have been given the responsiblity to reform the situation. Now they have to take the responsiblity rather than escape from it. The solution for PIA is to reform increase its fleet and service delivery which only government can do rather  the employees.

Writer: Mudassir Kaisrani

The writer teaches English at Lasbela University, Balochistan. He can be reached at    Mudassir.kaisrani@gmail.com


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