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Pride or shame?

taliban-pakOPINION: It is very shameful act that one Afghan to be killed by another, and the most disgraceful is to claim responsibility for the killing in a manner of pride instead of shame. The Afghan masses during more than three decades of war have gone through many ups and downs. But the last 16 years have been proved metal for them—the reason was the Taliban insurgents—a group which never nods for peace talks despite several opportunities at home and aboard, and still hell-bent on killing innocents. The fact is that the Taliban insurgents are the puppet that can’t put step forward sans their lords will. They are dancing at the tones of their masters setting out of the country. At real sense they are the strategic asset of foreigners using them against their own brothers and sisters. The problem is that the Taliban following them blindly, without thinking at least once. Apparently saying, they are the salves of the enemies of the Afghan masses, and accept this in return of receiving some penny. There are no places where the Taliban insurgents didn’t attack—from mosques to hospitals—from military installations to schools, and other places where civilians were the most victims. Despite killing of a large number of innocent people, still the Taliban insurgents coming up to the fore with some figures so proudly that they are ignoring the fact of committing sins. According to the Islamic teachings, the killing of one innocent human, it is as though you have killed all humanity, and if you saved one life, it is as though you saved all humanity.   Bearing this into mind, can the Taliban insurgents justify the killing of innocents during their longtime irrational war? However, they are as brutal as they released reports regarding casualties of their countrymen. From 2006 till 2017, the Taliban has conducted 103,927 operations, in which 50,733 vehicles and tanks were destroyed. 551 airplanes destroyed, and the most annoying fraction is that 155,080 security forces killed and 97,631 others received injuries. These are the figures estimated by Taliban insurgents. Let’s turn face toward reality, despite these killings, does the Taliban insurgents bagged victory, of course not. Additionally, what position does Taliban insurgents can hold at eyes of those females that are now widows, because the militants took their breadwinner? These widows have been triggered into extreme poverty. There is now justification for such brutalities across the world. What’s their message to these women now? If they’re true adherent of Islam, they should work for peace instead of bloodshed. From Afghan perspective they are not representative of Islam, because Islam stress on education, but they torch schools, and killed university professor and students. However, still there is room for them to shun violence and reintegrate into civil society and live a dignify life. Peace door is always open for them, but before it’s shutting down, they should join the inter-Afghan peace talks.

By Kadwall, Kabul


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