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Afghan President rejects talks with group involved in Kabul bombing

P. gHANIKABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Saturday ruled out the possibility of talks with culprits behind recent bombings and terrorist attacks in capital Kabul.

Ghani expressed the view during his address at the general assembly meeting of the High Peace Council (HPC) here.

One hundred and three people were killed and 235 injured in ambulance-bombing near Sadarat Square in Kabul last week.

The president said there should be differentiation between armed groups by their interest to the peace and reconciliation process.

He said Afghanistan willingness for peace never meant to remain silent on deadly incidents of violence and staying back from revenge.

“Those who took responsibility for the last week blast reject peace thus doors of reconciliation are closed on them,” said Ghani.

He termed the last week deadliest attack similar to the incident of 9/11 and said militants had declared war against the Afghan nation.

“The last week blast was not an attack on few individuals but it was a declaration of war against the Afghan nation, Afghan child, woman, youth, doctors, shopkeepers and all members of the afghan society,” he said.

Ghani recalled, his government was ready to reconcile with those armed groups who accept peace and agree to that.

He president said the peace process would go through three stages one preparation for peace, second dialogue process which should be carried out by Afghans and their third peace agreement in which the international community would be made part of the process to guarantee the agreement.

Ghani said there were two mindsets, one that Afghanistan should be made centre of international terrorism in which the Afghans lives would be scarified and the second Afghanistan would become gateway of Asia, all resources would be spent to achieve the second target, he vowed.

He warned the Taliban that there was no way to escape; they would be pulled out of every cave.

He said three weeks after the Kabul Process Conference would be held and ahead of Kabul Process conference three more important international events regarding Afghanistan would be arranged.

Conference on developing regional consensus on Afghanistan in Tashkent, Afghan and Indonesian Ulemas Conference in Jakarta and the third conference would be held in Gulf on Afghan economy and job generation.

By Ahmad Qurishi

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