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President Ghani Orders Ministry of Defense to Continue Bombing Daesh

President-Ghani-3KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has order the Ministry of Defense to continue bombing the fanatics of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) which is also known as Daesh.

During his speech at the gathering organized in Jalalabad for the assessment of security situation and development on Sunday the President said that Daesh does not have room in our territory. “We want them killed,” he said.

President Ghani ordered the ministry after Nangarhar’s governor Saleem Khan Kundozi pointed that the airstrikes have been proven beneficial in fight against the militant group.

Other participants of the gathering also urged the President to take a very tough against Daesh and other militant groups who have been conducting brutality in Nangarhar.

They also assured the President of standing with government for achieving these goals.

President Ghani urged participants of the gathering to stand with security and defense forces to combat the phenomenon. “Forces have shortages and youths can come,” he said while assuring the nation that his government is paying a very close attention to the families of the martyred soldiers.

He added that a vast majority of the 1,000 living quarters which are going to be built would be given to the families of the martyrs of police, army and the NDS.


Another issue participants of the gathering shared with President Ghani was land-grabbing.

President Ghani instructed Nangarhar Police Chief to prepare a list of the occupiers and bring court orders again them.

He ordered the military to support police in taking the grabbed land back from occupiers.

“In regards to the land-grabbing, mercy will not work,” he said, adding that “force” is required to resolve the issue. -KP

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