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President Ghani accuses Russia, Pakistan of aiding Taliban

ghaniGARDEZ: President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday accused Russia and Pakistan of supporting the Afghan Taliban who he said responded to his call for peace with suicide attacks.

Ghani, who travelled to southeastern Paktia province to condole with families of the victims of recent terrorist attacks, was accompanied by some members the Cabinet.

After meeting families of the victims, the president told a media conference that he extended his hand to the Taliban for peace and intra-Afghan dialogue, but they responded with terrorist attacks at the behest of others.

The president accused Pakistan and Russia of supporting the Taliban by providing them weapons, training and money.

“Every Talib should ask himself and the masses should ask the Taliban the basic question that show a single problem which cannot be solved through dialogue.”

“The Taliban are accepting guns from those who have blood on their hand of 1.5 million Afghans.”

Ghani said the Afghan commando forces had doubled and the air force strength would be tripled and the country’s security situation would be brought under control.

The president said coordination among forces of the army, police and intelligence had improved.

He said still his government would keep the door to peace talks open because it was people’s demand.

“Whether it is in Andar, Maroof or Gardez, the armed opponents and their supporters know they cannot win the war, so the problem should be resolved with wisdom.”

Referring to Pakistan’s fencing along the Durand Line, the president said every attempts at dividing the nation would fail.

“Those who think they can divide people with a wire, they should think again.”

Ghani said after other provinces, it was Paktia’s turn that he would meet his promises with the people of the province.

The president announced giving Paktia grade one status, reconstruction of six key roads, including the Gardez-Ghazni highway, dividing Zurmat into two districts, construction of three dams, including the Machgalu dam.

The president also announced construction of buildings for 40 schools, a building for zonal hospital, completion of electricity projects and others.

“Now it’s my home’s turn, Gardez city should be expanded, work on the industrial park has finished, the park has exclusive facility for women. I have approved buildings for the governor’s house and the government guesthouse. I want uniform development and we will do this.”

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