Politics has no room in universities, says president Ghani

Ghani uniKABUL: President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday stressed the need for fundamental changes in the higher education system, saying politics had no room in universities. He said the higher education institutes should be used as centres of interaction and openness.

Addressing a gathering at the Kabul University marking the beginning of the higher education year, the president said the present generation had greater chances of education compared to students 40 years back.

He hoped the rising generation would succeed in steering Afghanistan out of instability to stability, from poverty to economic sustainability and from war to peace.

“If universities become centres of politics and protest, you may not be able to accomplish your mission. If campuses become centres of positive thinking, you may reach you goals,” the president told the students.

Ghani added students had every right to raise questions about developments around them, expect national unity and integrity. He called the constitution a set of laws that made the nation united…

“We are neither right-wingers nor leftists. We are pure Muslims and Afghans. Our identity is our pride,” the president remarked.

He reiterated disintegration and politics had no place on campuses. “You should not forget you are fortunate having found your way to the university.

“It is not only an opportunity but also a responsibility. The environment inside the university should be futuristic, academically enabling and favourable,” Ghani maintained.

Acting Higher Education Minister Abdul Latif Roshan called for immediate reforms in the ministry and said work on education vision was underway to build the capacity of higher education. The national education system would be linked with global higher education institutes.

Kabul University Chancellor Hameedullah Farooqi said the university had been unable to regain its historic position and become a centre of scholarship and erudition in the region.

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