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Plans underway to connect Afghanistan-India via air transport corridor: Modi

ashraf-modiThe Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Sunday that plans are underway to connect Afghanistan with India through air transport corridor.

In his speech during the opening of the 6th Heart of Asia conference in Amritsar, Prime Minister Modi identified four key issues in supporting Afghanistan, beginning with an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled process.

Second, he said, we must demonstration strong collective will to defeat terror networks that cause bloodshed and spread fear.

“Terrorism and externally induced instability pose the gravest threat to Afghanistan’s peace, stability and prosperity. And, the growing arc of terrorist violence endangers our entire region. As such, support for voices of peace in Afghanistan alone is not enough. It must be backed by resolute action. Not just against forces of terrorism but also against those who support, shelter, train and finance them,” Modi said.

Modi further added that “Third, our bilateral and regional commitments of material assistance for Afghanistan’s development needs must continue and increase.”

He also highlighted the issue of connectivity, saying “We see Afghanistan as the hub for strengthening links of connectivity btw South Asia & Central Asia.”

Modi spoke of the numerous projects under the partnership, from the Friendship Dam to Parliament building, capacity building, health and more as he reaffirmed India’s absolute and unwavering support to Afghan nation, Modi said.

The Indian Prime Minister also added “I hope that your deliberations will produce pathways of action that promote cooperation in place of conflict and security in place of terrorism.”

Concluding his remarks at the conference inauguration, Modi said “Let us re-dedicate ourselves to making Afghanistan a Geography of Peace Heart of Asia. – KP


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