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Wagma in her Struggle for Life

Wagma 01By Wakeel Khan

PESHAWAR: The great Pashto singer Wagma is originally from Swabi, but she got settled in Peshawar long ago for artistic reasons. The sweet-tongued Wagma occupied hearts and minds of the Pashtun people on either side of the Durand Line for 28 years with her melodious songs. Wagma is suffering from cancer and presently admitted in Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar. However, once a melodious queen of Pashto music, presently Wagma’s voice is so gravely affected under her severe illness that she is barely able to speak. She said in her broken voice and with a broken heart that other than Nazia Iqbal and Naghma no artist enquired about her health and illness. Wagma says that the two mentioned female singers have also offered her some financial help. Wagma said that once the owners of music centers would beg her for music recording, but following her illness nobody has so far enquired after1360496866_wagma her. She added that these people would ask about her when they would be in need of her, but now when she is suffering from cancer they do not ask about her any more. Wagma is the mother of six children while one of her two daughters is handicapped. The husband of Wagma, Liaqat Khan, says that so far the family is trying to cure Wagma on its own expenses, and although the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has promised to donate Rs. 200,000, yet so far the promise has not been fulfilled.


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