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Peace Talks to Start within Few Weeks: President Ghani

President-Ghani-615x300@2xKABUL: President Ashraf Ghani said that peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban will start within few weeks.

Speaking at a press conference here on Friday, President Ghani said that Pakistan has vowed to facilitate the peace parleys.

Showing meticulous optimism about results of the upcoming peace parleys, President Ghani said that the pace talks will be held within the framework of the constitution.

Ghani said that Pakistan during trilateral and quadrilateral meetings ensured to cooperate with Afghanistan in brining everlasting peace to country.

He added that the peace talks will start within few weeks and the peace would be talked only with those willing to come to the negotiation table. “Those who want to talk peace are most welcome, but those who don’t want peace and want to continue fighting for others interest in Afghanistan will face legitimate force. By legitimate use of force we don’t mean that Afghanistan and its people must use it all alone, but the countries from the region, particularly Pakistan, must also extend the use of legitimate force,” Ghani said.

He added that now it is all up to the militant groups to choose between war and peace.

Ghani described the current situation in Afghanistan is complicated and said that it could not be solved within a day. However, he said that every step that could lead to peace in Afghanistan should be welcomed.

The president said that Pakistan has agreed to take action against those militant groups on its soil, who are not willing to talk peace with Afghanistan.

It is worth mentioning that the direct peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban started in Murree, a resort city near Islamabad, in June, 2015. However, the peace talks faced a deadlock after revelation of the death of the Taliban’s supreme leader Mullah Omar. -AT


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