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Peace or extinction: To be or not to be

Dr. Khurshid Alam

Dr. Khurshid Alam

The end to the great bloody game is not in sight as predicted by our leaders when it was started that it will go till the last Pashtun/ Afghan. It was obvious from the start that the agenda is colossal needs blood to complete the script. In the present political scenario “Terror” is the need of the period for the Pakistan’s establishment for sustenance of the drama to the logical conclusion to materialize their delusional dream. Terror disrupts the basic fibers of the society and cocoon one in itself and bring an end to collective thinking.

The prediction of the end of an inconceivable to be conceived is next to impossible.  The GHQ is still chasing of delusional dream.  The two important characters of the DRAMA are Army and Terrorists. They both are intertwined and inter-dependent. The survival of the one is not possible without the other. Either both live or both die. It is one of the longest running soap opera, started 42 years ago. In my opinion, now is the time for us to ponder over “TO BE or NOT TO BE”.

Most of the intellectuals; are of the opinion that all the strategic peaks and heights of the State Structure of Pakistan and governmental policies (invariably dictated) are occupied by our indoctrinated army. It is so deeply entrenched in the structure of the state, to dislodge them it needs country wide uprising. Unfortunately this is not conceivable because of the trust deficit between the nations. The Punjab is 64% of the country, enjoying unassailable authority, be it civilian or khaki, are least interested both sharing the same constituency. To them constituency interest is first.  Nor they are hit, thanks to the secret deal, making it hard for them to realize our sufferings. The political parties in the field, mostly owe their existence to the dark corners of the establishment. There are many to offer their services to the establishment at the lowest possible remuneration. The race for bidding is ongoing process, makes the task a lot easy for the Supremo.

In the frame of Pakistan; I don’t see any future of small federates or end to our systematic elimination. In the words of Mr.I.A. Rahman, in India the Defense Minister can send COAS home. In Pakistan the COAS can send home, the elected house, P.M. & C.Ms and rape the constitution. Judiciary has no power to lay hand on Military Dictators. The independent Judiciary has never refused to take the oath from illegitimate Dictator, nor have they ever given verdict against the illegitimacy or illegality of incumbent dictator. Military family has such strong bonds, that the civil and judiciary could not try an ex-dictator for murder and an abrogation of constitution. He is dancing with his wife in the US.

 The free Punjabi Press, can only speak governmental truth. Is there any place available in the present system, where the victims can put up his case? The unspoken and unwritten policy is; that the politicians from smaller provinces are security risks and traitors unless proved otherwise.

I was conscripted to the army in 71 war as a Captain, one day while I was talking to a fellow Pashtun Officer in Pashto. My commanding officer addressing me very arrogantly, “You Mr. this is Pak Army officer’s tea room, speak in English, Urdu or unofficial official language of Pak army, Punjabi.  I replied,”Attock ke us par”. Within a week I was transferred to Siachin. I came from the front with the injured to C.M.H. Peshawar, where this incidence happened.

It is true that the enemy has lost international trust and credibility. But the onus is lying with us. We cannot shift our historical responsibilities to world fraternity. It is our land on fire. It is we, who are bathed in blood. No one will fight for us. No one will plead our case, unless we go to the court to submit the case. We have to choose between the two options and decide our line of action. The internationally favorable atmosphere is definitely a good omen, but our nationhood is rusted with locked immobile joints.

Our national question has to be resolved by ourselves. We have to decide between the two, “to be or not to be”. If the answer is “not to be” then there is nothing left for discussion. We were wrong to assume that every glittering thing is gold.

If our answer is, ‘to be’ then I feel it needs in depth discussion; what to do and how to do? In prevailing system of governance and state structure, we stand nowhere?  The wonderful bicameral federal constitution has no claws or jaws to implement itself and those who should, never want it, Civilian and Khaki. On one hand the State is imbalance demographically, the authority is grossly lopsided, tilted heavily in favor of those occupying the strategic heights, resulting in dichotomy of power. Those in troughs are under siege. To chase a delusion is no sanity. No Political party with base in the Punjab has 66ever accepted the Federal House mentally. So it never took off from the runway.

Pakistan claim to be an ideological country based on the concept of Ummah; leaving no space for nationhood, they are chasing a Mirage to defend ideological borders.  Most important and basic incompatibility is different priorities.  Ours priority is Peace and Pakistan policymakers’ vision is of no-peace or yellow train. It is not illogical as well. In peace their relevancy is at stake. Irrelevant has no authority anywhere.

The authority enjoyed by the deep seated government is so composite, incorporating all aspects of human life. It is the same old philosophy, we witnessed in 71. They needed East Pakistan but no Bengalis. They need our land, not us.

We are being grinded between two blocks of rock of a water-mill. We are Grinded by army and terrorists. Their divorce is not conceivable. They have strong mutual inter-dependence like Siamese Twins. They are physically joined at birth sharing vital organs. They either live together or if tried to be separated, one has to be sacrificed. None of them wants to be a sacrificial one. They are vitally important for each other. The job done by one, cannot be done by the other. Our establishment is different than other militaries; the country was made for them to be owned cum ruled. There is a lot at stake for the Army to give up, one third of economy, fifteen km wide and one thousand miles long strip along the border with India. The twins derive their strength from each other and Punjabi elites.

Our problem is different than others. We are swimming in our own blood for the last 42 years on both sides of Durand Line. The terrible twins have occupied our homes, we live in our backyard on rent, with snakes. The blood let is accompanied by robing our national honor and human dignity. Disgraced and dishonored by Siamese twins, they are determined to crush our national pride and respect. In proverbial Pashto it says that no wise man will ever chase ‘even’ a thief up to his home. We have been chased out of home by Siamese, ransacking our homes and shops, billions of property looted from shops. Homes were blasted with no debris left behind, to remove the proof. Children, old men or women thrown out from their homes to be dishonored on daily basis. We are being killed in cold blood. This is all done in the name of “war on terror” and religion. Is it not Terror upon Terror?

Who are they, is irrelevant, who created and hired them is relevant. Living is to be insulted and dishonored, and death is with humiliation and torture at the hands of the “Black Man”.  What an irony? Those who lived in India in no-identity status, is checking our identity, in our own home. Who am I?  Where am I going to?  Brandishing US supplied M-6 at children and women folk to terrorize. It is an unending Psychic trauma.

It is pointless to relate untold or untellable stories. Let me tell my own little story with a hope that it will convey the message. I was going to Miran Shah with a friend and were stopped that I can’t go since I am not a local, with contempt and height of vulgarity, which is expected from the midnight children. Recently same happened to an Ex diplomat from tribal area, how was he robbed of dignity? He has narrated his ordeal in the, “The News” under the caption, Is there anybody to “listen”?

On return; my tribal friend asked me whether I am still against keeping a rifle or gun being a disciple of AGK, finding my answer in affirmative, he interrupted me and asked me to buy one now. Looking at me, he said that it is a must for every Pashtun living in Pakistan in prevailing circumstance, to have one, not to kill someone else but to kill his wife and daughter before the “the Black man or hired beasts” rob his respect. They had done in East Pakistan, we are more vulnerable.

Covert or Overt terrorists; both are the two faces of one coin. Some are in camouflaged uniform, the others are Out Fit. The aim of the both is the same to destroy our today and robbed us of our tomorrow by killing our children. Not, even a stray dog has been hit in Punjab, during the so called “Zarbe-Ghazab”.  The Establishment and ISI is beyond any shred of doubt are the perpetrator of terrorism and not touching Punjab; where the radicalization HQs are located. Terrorism as a state policy is being used internally and externally as an equalizers. Their paranoid obsession not to merge Fata with KPK is only for strategic purposes to use it as a spring board for external and internal terrorism. Fata is used as firing range for terrorists training and attacking the neighbors.

We have to decide cool mindedly.  The present alien’s occupiers’ are worse than the colonizers.  Terrorizers and civility does not go hand in hand. It is not the death one is scared of, but when you are chained to be robbed of self-respect and honor that is horrendous. Both twins are killing us before the real death. Three millions killed, 1.7 million are disabled and roughly 1.7 million are orphans and widows. We are locked in a war with shadows of death, sponsored by the establishment.

This might be true that certain political parties are on the hit list like nationalists and liberals but we all share our land, language and History. It is a process of rape of our land, history and honor. It is the duty of all of us from Mulla to Nawab to unite and take the case to the court of history or be ready to dishonored and killed.

The international opinion is on our side. The world has recognized us as a nation. Our enemy is no more trust worthy. The world has realized their policy of ‘Deceit and Duality’.  The US and West; who thought that they are friends have reached to the conclusion that they are not dependable. They have armed their armed forces with our blood and maintain an enormous institution of terrorism guided by ISI. This veritable arm is used in the region stretching from river Amu to Indus and across the borders. They use and abuse Islam but not ready to implement it, in their Pakistan. It is the biggest exporter of terrorism. So for they were milking geo strategic cow. There was no problem of cash and kind but before it goes completely dry, now a new obsession of CPEC has started. I really doubt that it is a “game changer” it is a game of the gamblers and well evident from tussle on the top between civil and Army about the overall control.

I can’t understand the US stance. Why they are so obsessed about Pakistan geo-strategic importance. The heart of Asia is Afghans land, stretching from Amu to Indus. It is this area which has always been a bridge of connectivity between Asia, Central Asia, Middle East and Europe for cultural exchange and trade. Why the US is paddling so slow on the paddle of terrorism. Is humanity less precious than incomplete geo strategic cow? The long establish route of trade and connectivity was always the old Silk Route. Since the inception of Pakistan that route is broken. If Pashtun belt is decapitated from Pakistan, it will lose its strategic relevance too.

I have been a great advocate of federal democracy with two houses. I felt if this becomes a reality, Pakistan and Afghanistan can be strategic twins. The recent tampering with the Western Border, the forceful extradition of Afghan refugees after humiliation and endless strikes on our educational institutions, judiciary and hospitals has shattered my dream. It’s discriminate, selective and biased in nature and has forced me for introspective analysis.

If we opt for “To Be” we have to rise above party politics and as a nation defend our children and honor. Wherever, it might be necessary we should raise our voice. We should send our teams and delegations to isolate the perpetrators of terrorism, there can’t be peace with terrorism.

Pakistan army and terrorist are still busy in terrorism upon terrorism on the same pattern of discrimination. It is still discriminatory, selective and based on good and bad terrorists theme. Those hitting Kabul, Peshawar, Quetta and Delhi are angles. Those who are hitting Pak army interest are the bad one. If we accept the Islam Abad’s version that Pakistan is itself a victim, they are paying the price for what they have sown, but why others, should be the victims of ISI grown poisonous mushrooms.

Pakistani establishment is the black hole responsible for the country’s economic, social and political instability. They have already swallowed more than half of the country, if given free hand will swallow the rest.

We should raise our voice inside the country everywhere, at Hague, UNO and the world over. We should sue them for war crimes and war damages of last 42 years. Let us call it a day.

Writer: Prof.(Dr) Khurshid Alam

The writer is a columnist with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He can be reached at



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