Pashtun’s Grand Jirga from Tribal Areas supports the merger of FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

DRPESHAWAR: Pakhtunkhwa Ulasi Tehrik (PUT) hold a grand Qabayalee Jirga in Peshawar consisting FATA parliamentarians, FATA political alliance, Lawyers, students, women and tribal elders warmly participated in the Jirga. The participants of Jirga supported the merger of FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and passes the following resolutions:

ONE: The Jirga decide to merge FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and have rejects the commission of parliament. The Jirga appealed all the political parties to make sure the genuine human rights of the people of FATA in the 21st centuary.

TWO: Jirga appealed the FATA administration not to create barriers in the political struggle of the people of FATA.

THREE:In the Jirga Pakhtunkhwa Ulasi Tehrik voluntarily decided to meet the people of FATA. PUT would meet those people and political leaders who are against the merger of FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

FOUR:The Jirga encourage and respect the huge participation of Women and appeal the whole nation to include your daughter,sisters,wives and mothers in decision making.

FIVE: The Jirga demands the full share of FATA in China Pakistan Economic Corridor and decided that we will not accept CPEC without due share of FATA.

SIX: The Jiraga supports unconditionally all the problems of the students of FATA.

The Jirga was presided by PUT FATA coordinator Haji Khan Gul Chamkani. Member parliament Haji Shahji Gul Afridi, Shahab, Uddin Khan,Dr Said Alam Mehsud,Zahir Shah Safi,Zarnoor Afridi,Nisar Momand,Shah Faisal Afridi,Sheikh Jahanzada,Jangriz Momand,Lal Badshah Safi, Amreeka Bibi, Naheed Rehman, Raheem Shah Afridi,Rani Bibi,and other speakers addressed the Jirga.


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