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Pashtun Students Platform in Hong Kong


HONG KONG (THE PASHTUN TIMES): Pashtun students, studying in various universities of Hong Kong, seek a platform to address multifaceted problems that Pashtun students encounter in the pursuit of higher education.

Arif Ali Khan, a PhD Scholar at City University Hong Kong, said that Pashtun students, for the first time ever, organized a get together in Hong Kong with a view to discuss how a common platform could be built for the Pashtun students pursuing their higher studies in various universities of Hong Kong. He said that Phd students from various universities of Hong Kong participated in the event and it was decided in the meeting that a regular gathering of the students would be held henceforth.


The students who participated in the meeting include Arif Ali Khan, Shahid Hussain, Mansoor Khan, Abid Ali Durrani and Ahmad Nawaz Khan from the City University Hong Kong, Salman Khan, Muaz Khan, and Majid Khan from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Rizwan Khan from University of Hong Kong.Arif HK9

Arif Ali Khan said that the key objective of this platform is to bring Pashtun students together in order to promote Pashtun culture, to discuss, identify and solve the Pasthun students’ problems, and to spread awareness for those Pashtun students who seek to pursue their higher studies in the various universities of Hong Kong. He further said that they have a Facebook Page


for all those who have intensions to study either in Hong Kong or China. “The students can put their concerns on that page”, he said, “and we will try to assist them.”


He said that according to the present circumstances in the Pashtun areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, it was the high time for Pashtun people to get higher education and follow the non-violence formula of Bacha Khan to fight for the rights of Pashtuns and the peace process. He said that he considered education for the Pashtun in prevailing circumstances to be the only way that could lead them to peace, freedom and progress in their land. Moreover, Hong Kong universities are the world well known universities and four of their universities are in Tope 100 ranking. They are contributing to the society in the form of providing quality education and research.


Concerning the attitude of the people of Hong Kong towards the foreigners, he said that Hong Kong has a diverse and pluralistic culture where foreigners are welcomed. The Hong Kong government gives special opportunities to foreigners in the form of providing scholarships in different fields for both undergraduate and PhD studies. They announce PhD positions every year in September and finalize the process at the end of the march. If any Pashtun student is interested to apply then our association can provide complete assistance regarding the admission process.


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